Down with Ads - Long live AdBlocker

As if you needed more of a reason to get an ad-blocking extension for your browser:


Notice a difference?

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  2. virlatrevenew answered: Yes. My brother just told me about adblocker a few weeks ago. Love it!
  3. shaungarwood answered: I suddnely don’t have the urge to quench my thirst.
  4. beverlyhillscop answered: Unlike my fellow nerd, I actually enjoy the ads that he so callously discards
  5. nerdyvnfriends answered: I love adblock! I have Google Chrome, though. It helps so much with annoying ads these days.
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  7. ayemadeulook answered: Good show men! Thanks.
  8. mehonaplatter answered: epic o.o
  9. samsmoderngeek answered: Yeah. Just wait until you start having to PAY for websites like these because the ads don’t generate enough revenue.
  10. cookiesnom answered: Yeah… I need to get this…
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